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Monday Night Waffles

Tonight’s meal was inspired by a staple from the restaurant Sneakers’ (Winooski, Vermont) menu. The dish is sweet potato waffles and chicken and has been a source of inspiration on many cold college Sundays. The enthralling part of this meal is the unreal flavor that is imparted from the juxtaposition of culinary elements that don’t typically frequent the same social circles.  As the sweet potato waffles soften beneath the chicken gravy you begin to realize how brilliant this meal really is, but enough praise for Sneakers, below I will describe how I attempted this dish.

After some searching on the web of internets I came across a few suitable recipes and by borrowing the best points from each I attempted to turn mediocre into masterpiece.  The waffles required the following ingredients.

2 ½ cups all purpose flour

½  tsp salt

4 tspbaking powder

1 tsp spoon sage

3 eggs separated

½ cup milk

1/3 cup vegetable oil

pinch of cream of tarter

2 medium sweet potatoes (chopped up, boiled until soft, mashed)

Combine the dry ingredients excluding the cream of tarter in a large bowl with a whisk. In a separate boil beat together the milk, oil, egg yolks and sweet potatoes. Slowly stir the wet ingredients into the dry without over mixing. Finally, beat the egg whites with the cream of tarter until frothy and fold into the dough.

Follow directions on your typical waffle maker and cook waffles until browned on the outside.

The gravy I choose relies on the flavor of caramelized onions, make this ahead of time by cooking one large onion thinly sliced into rounds with olive oil over medium heat for roughly 40 minutes, if is taking too long or you want a sweeter flavor sprinkle some brown sugar on the onions to expedite the process.  For the gravy you will also need the following;

2 tbs butter

2 tbs flour

1 cup chicken broth

½ cup milk

1/3 cup heavy cream

salt and pepper to taste

pinch of nutmeg


Melt the butter and slowly whisk in the flour to create a roux. Then slowly add small amounts of liquid starting with the milk and alternating between each. Allow for the gravy to thicken and then add the nutmeg, salt and pepper and finally the caramelized onions.

While stirring the sauce you should be simultaneously cooking the chicken. While this meal would traditionally be served with fried chicken I simply cooked it in olive oil in a skillet. You should dredge roughly a pound of chicken tenders in flour with paprika to taste and once the skilled is hot cook until tender and brown on the outsides.

Now all that remains is putting the pieces together which entails placing two tenders on each waffle and topping with sauce, I also served peas alongside which complemented the dish excellently.







Chef Profile: Lucas

Delighted to introduce you to one of the recently graduated twin child (ha!) chefs. This is Lucas. He is an excellent cooker. Lucas reports on the family survey questions (extra blogger commentary in blue):

Favorite ingredient: Butternut squash, balsamic vinegar, israeli cous cous
Favorite foods: sweet potatoes. (He makes excellent roasted sweet potatoes and phenomenal sweet potato fries)
Favorite snack: juice (he means fresh, homemade in a juice maker juice – expect a post on that!) chia seeds (Does anyone else eat these? They’re weird)
Personal cooking speciality: gingerbread houses (see photo below, impressive huh?)
Best/worse meals consumed: best thanksgiving dinner (family thanksgiving will definintely be a future topic – we eat chicken instead of turkey…intriguing, yes?) , worst in NZ (The twins spent a semester together in New Zealand and had the. worst. meal. ever at an Asian place in Christchurch. Comically bad. Should not have counted as food)
Favorite meal of the day (why??): dinner (Yeah, why?!)
A cooking mishap: the time sis made soup and broke the house (there was an explosion – broke is an exaggeration)
General hobbies/interests: running, cycling, winning, badminton, squash, snow
Will not Eat…: doesn’t really apply, best eater in the house (hmm… we’ll see if that is true)
Check out this gingerbread house!