Chef Profile: Alexa

We’re pleased to introduce our third chef to you — your intrepid chief blogger and second twin of the family… Alexa ! She’s kindly and cooperatively agreed to answer the same questions to offer you a better sense of her culinary personality

Favorite ingredient: Hmm fruit in savory dishes. No. Roasted red peppers. Also goat cheese.
Favorite foods: Red peppers and bread and Arizona green iced tea.
Favorite snack: edamame and roasted red peppers
Personal cooking speciality: soups soups soups. Also, crepes. Also, eating red peppers. Also taking on needlessly complicated projects.
Best/worse meals consumed: Ever? That’s a silly question, person who came up with questions. All Thanksgiving dinners, I guess. Also, other stuff. Worst is the same as Lucas’ — words cannot appropriately express the epic failure that was that restaurant in Christchurch. If we (and our honorary triplet who was also there) can’t think of anything else to talk about, we can always mention that restaurant and have a good chuckle. It’s, like, the perfect punch line in any situation!
Favorite meal of the day: Least favorite, I’ll answer. Breakfast. I do not like breakfast. Ugh. Eggs. Gross.
A cooking mishap: No mishaps. Perfect record.
General hobbies/interests: Books, boggle, crossword puzzles, belted galloways, outdoors, croquet, games, hiking.
Will not Eat…: Well, I eat most things. But not milk or eggs. (I mean, I’ll eat them in things — of course, but if you can taste the milk-ness or egg-ness of milk or eggs – Ugh! I’m out. Unpleasant). I still pride myself on being an excellent eater, despite that quirky quirk.

Look at all those edamame shells (I swear, there a lot there)! Took this picture to show off the excess of my edamame consumption to my fellow edamame lovers (that’s you, Ivana and Susannah!!) but I don’t think I ever sent it…

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