Was anyone else rather distressed when Mark Bittman ended his tenure as The Minimalist for The New York Times? Cause we sure were …don’t laugh, it really was upsetting. Sure, he’s still around on the Opinion pages but it’s just not the same as watching his videos – not only did I want to eat everything he made, but I wanted to make it, like, that very second. Everything always looked so much easier when he did it.

Anyway, he maintained that profiteroles were totally doable and, of course, The Minimalist was right. (See, that was the problem when he left – I just trusted him so completely — he was always right, and so comforting — that his departure felt a little personal. I’m getting over it, I promise.) Still, his recipe for choux pastry is super simple, and basically easy – if you don’t mind mixing and mixing and mixing. Also, the dough looks really unpleasant (like raw chicken, I think) when you’re in the process of working in the eggs.

See? Weird looking

You can find his recipe here.

Instead of topping them with raspberry sauce (our kitchen didn’t have any raspberries) we melted bittersweet chocolate (4 oz.) with a little water (2 T) and heavy cream (less than 1/4 cup) in a double burner and then threw some kaluha into the mix (about 3 Ts). We cut them around their equators, stuffed in some coffee-chocolate chip ice cream and drizzled some chocolate sauce over them. The Minimalist instructs you to let the profiteroles cool before eating but we are generally impatient and loved the hot/cold mix of the ice cream and fresh pastry.


Oops! In thinking about making these last night, I realized I got distracted by how frozen my stick of butter was and forgot that the recipe called for 6 tablespoons, not the entire stick. I think I just put the whole stick in. Must pay better attention to details. Easily distracted. Fortunately, they still tasted (and looked) delicious.

3 responses to “Profiteroles

  1. very nice! how similar is this to cream puff pastry dough? it looks like it’s about the same end result but the dough looks completely different…

    • Thanks! I bet it’s pretty similar…I think it’s just a weird picture before the egg was mixed in. This is the kind of dough that’s used for eclairs, beignets – that sort of thing.

  2. Do you have a gluten free version of the pastry recipe? I like the ice cream filling idea (I would try that CT COW ice cream from that upstate cooperative)…think that your version would be great With the raspberry sauce as well as the chocolate!

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