Chef Profile: Alison

We should probably introduce our four chefs, huh? We’ll start with Alison (see her back there?), since this was her whole idea in the first place and she’s the best resource for any of the family’s many cooking questions.

We offer the biased (but still true) report that she is an excellent cook and we are quite lucky that she fed us, almost singlehandedly, for a long time. Now, what’s her role in the family dinner preparation schedule? Well, she’s not as inclined to turn cooking into a competition and perhaps feels less need to prove her skills in the kitchen…making her meals no less delicious, of course.

She’s agreed to answer some questions regarding her food style/preferences/dislikes (and we’ve decided to include her idiosyncratic formatting) – here goes:

Favorite foodsI still like pizza a lot! roasted vegetables with balsamic vinegar
Favorite snack: dark chocolate
Personal cooking speciality: chocolate chip cookies with everything
Best/worse meals consumed: I can’t pick favorites the best is the future when we are all making a component of a special dinner.
A fond cooking memory: everyone working together to make popcorn balls on christmas eve
Favorite meal of the day (why??): dinner of course.
A cooking mishap: does this have to be recent? pork caught on fire the other night. spilling boiling water on my stomach ending up on the kitchen floor in a ball of pain
General hobbies/interests: I’m kind of crafty (the biased narrator adds that she is VERY crafty, in the craft sense) — knitting, sewing, +cross country skiing, kayaking
Will not Eat…ketchup

We have big plans to make ketchup at home, so we’ll report back on whether or not she’ll eat that.

And here’s a picture of the popcorn ball cooperation she mentioned – a very fun family tradition on Christmas Eve.

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