It’s time for dinner…

Many years ago, a family of four lived at 44 Lalley Blvd. A very creative mother, a very adventurous father and a boy and girl twins. They were a very nice family. 2005Every night, for 18 years, excepting unavoidable extracurriculars, they had dinner together at the kitchen table. Nobody was allowed to read at the dinner table and everyone had to participate in the nightly conversation. Sometimes friends would come over, sometimes it would just be for the four of them. Then, as often happens, everybody got older and the kids grew up. They went to different colleges for four years and then, they graduated!

Lucas graduated first

(Good for them.) For many reasons, they headed back to their nest at 44. (Which, happily, invited them back warmly – thanks Mom and Dad!) But the mother instituted a new program. She was sick and tired of cooking EVERY night (and often for the twins’ coterie of friends.) So, come September 2010, everybody was going to be doing their fair share. Lucas was cooking on Monday, Alexa

But then Alexa did too.

on Wednesday, and Vic on Thursday. Alison felt that even having four nights of the week was preferable to her previous burden.

And, surprisingly, this plan worked! (It had been attempted in many summers past, with one or maybe — maybe — two weeks of success.)  Unsurprisingly, the twins (and sometimes the father) viewed it as a competition in which they could outdo one another with increasingly impressive results. Successes have been numerous and included:

Lots of homemade soup: (Black bean, pear butternut squash, roasted red pepper, tomato)

Gratins: (Potato and goat cheese, potato and leek)

So many sweet potato fries!

Chilis: (Mostly vegetable varieties)

Butternut squash: (soup, with lamb, in lasagna, gnocchi…)

Crepes (sweet and savory)

Holiday themed meals: (Jambalaya for Mardi Gras, pork wontons for Chinese New Year, American flag pizza for election day and umm other things that are difficult to remember.)

It has, we think, been very successful. And because all of our friends are very
impressed with us (or sick of hearing about it), we’ve decided we ought to share some of these culinary adventures with you. And they are adventures! We’ll tell you about how Alexa once thought the cinnamon was cumin (it wasn’t, she later realized) and how before she got an immersion blender, kept exploding soup in the regular blender (oops – sorry Mom).

And while this might be, sort of, kind of, a food-cooking-recipe-eating-how-some-of-us learned to cook blog it’s also the nice success story of the cohabitation of two kids (well, pre-adults) and their parents in the post-college, so-called “real world”.

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  1. Love this! I hope you include some receipes as time goes on>

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